Beware of fraudulent list of attendees

De Reisprof would like to warn exhibitors and delegates that ‘Het Reisprof Event has been targeted by unknown companies offering lists of delegates attending the event.

Should you receive an email with the suffixes:



or from any other unfamiliar source, please note that these entities are in no way affiliated with De Reisprof or its official Exhibition Directory, and the lists offered are inaccurate and compiled or acquired fraudulently and in contravention of data protection regulations. The use of our association name and show name by these companies has been made without our authorization. We therefore urge exhibitors and visitors to be cautious and encourage them to contact us when receiving these types of solicitations from unfamiliar sources.          


Please note that an attendee list is available by De Reisprof only, and will be sent after the event by us only.


Exhibitors may also be contacted with unsolicited offers of inclusion in an unofficial exhibition directory. These offers involve payment. Expo Guide, Fairs & Business and International Fairs Directory are three companies making such offers. They are not related to De Reisprof in any way.

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